Trust is the beginning of everything!

Trust between people arises when we communicate openly and tell the other person not only our own wishes and needs, but also our fears. This is possible through communication.

It is best if you build this basis of trust right from the start. But that requires courage - regardless of whether it is a business or private (love) relationship. No one wants to lose face or get hurt. This danger exists. Accordingly, we hide behind masks, phrases and advanced arguments that are supposed to maintain the 'appearance' of strength and self-confidence. However, this is not sustainable and can end in an (unpleasant) compromise – especially with oneself. This can lead to a conflict, starting with the person concerned and then with the partner.

If a conflict situation has already arisen, another component appears: the relationship. How important is this relationship to me and how valuable is this person in my life? Is the problem severe enough to cause a breakup or do you want to give the relationship a chance to really have tried everything? For example an honest conversation?

Bei der Mediation handelt es sich um die Vermittlung zwischen Konfliktparteien, privat oder beruflich mit dem Ziel, den Beteiligten wieder ein harmonisches Miteinander zu ermöglichen. Dabei spielen Emotionen eine wichtige Rolle, denn sie deuten in die Richtung von unterschweligen Bedürfnissen.

In order to reach a certain depth of discussion and to reveal the actual background, guided mediation is most helpful.