A holistic life concept includes various aspects, which I present extensively on my homepage Life Concepts – by Deborah Hurst ( .

It is important for me to convey a holistic approach in which not only the health factor (mental, emotional and physical) is addressed. Our life encompasses much more and should therefore be based on awareness (being in harmony with oneself and one's environment). Each of us already carries this awareness / the knowledge about it, it is called intuition or inner voice.

Life in our present time and our current system, however, often forces us to behave in ways that are unhealthy. You can endure it for a short period of time, but it makes you sick in the long run.

I would like to show you how you can position yourself better in your current initial situation and thus find the strength and motivation within yourself to go your own way.

Wir besprechen das individuell, aber grundsätzlich sind Ernährung und Bewegung (körperlich), Yoga (Verbindung zwischen Körper und Geist) und Meditation (Verbindung zwischen Seele und Geist/Körper) wertvolle Mittel.